Your Next Massage Should be Cannabis Infused

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Massage is an essential part of any pain management plan. But have you tried a massage with CANNABIS?!

Let’s face it. Sometimes, muscles need to be rubbed by someone other than yourself.

Throw a cannabis-infused topical oil into the mix, and I can almost guarantee you’ll be spoiled for life!

I had the pleasure of connecting with Traveling Hands Massage, a local company here in San Diego that is growing FAST and adding new therapists to their team on a regular basis. They come to you, for one of the most relaxing cannabis-infused massage experiences possible!

After getting a massage from Zac, the founder of Traveling Hands, I can personally recommend him and his team for all your bodywork needs!

I’ve long been preaching the benefits of cannabis topicals for pain management. Utilizing THC-infused creams, salves and even cannabis-infused bath soaks has been one of the top factors in my success in managing my chronic pain over the last five years.

Traveling Hands infuses their massage with the ultimate secret ingredient – potent and powerful cannabis oil. 

It makes the massage twice as relaxing, as it starts penetrating sore muscles and stiff joints upon impact. The effect intensifies as the therapist carves deeper into your muscles!

Having overcome lifelong leg and knee pains, rotator cuff tendonitis, and a lower back injury, let’s just say that my skeleton is a bit slanty. Though I do tons of workouts, stretching, and foam rolling, I still feel imbalanced, stiff, and sore much of the time.

This massage straightened me out and really improved my posture in the short term! Of course, I still have tons of work to do in that regard, as my routine is never over. Zac explained to me that I am going to need to incorporate LOTS of regular massage in order to balance out some of the misalignments in my body. That’s because muscles can shift and tense up over time, even right after an amazing massage.

So, rather than seeing it as a luxury every once in a while, I’m now working on scheduling more regular massage into my schedule in order to keep the pain at bay.

So, why should your next massage be cannabis-infused? 

First, because cannabinoids react positively with the muscles in your body. Traveling Hands Massage therapists use full-spectrum cannabis oil that is extremely potent and able to penetrate through the skin layers and into your muscle tissue to soothe and relax. If you don’t always feel like you’re getting results from a “normal” massage, cannabis-infused massage may help you feel significantly more relief in just a single session. 

Second, because cannabis consumers make the BEST massage therapists. It’s true! We always talk about how cannabis makes you more in tune with your own body, and with the task, you are performing. I definitely found that to be true with Zac’s massage skills. He was extremely intuitive as to where the tension and pain were residing in my neck, shoulder, and back. After all – our muscles are all connected, and it takes a true believer to understand how the cannabis-infused topical will be most effective in relieving pain.

People all over Southern California can experience the beauty of Traveling Hands Massage – just mention me, THE HURT GURU when you schedule your massage for a sweet 10% off your massage service.

The company offers in-home service so you can be comfortable in your own space. They even offer couples’ massages!

If there are no cannabis massage therapists in your area, don’t fret as they will be all the rage soon. And, what’s more, Traveling Hands is looking for more awesome team members, so tell your favorite cannabis-friendly masseuse about this awesome opportunity!

Have you ever had a cannabis massage? Comment below with your experience!